Freedom from Pressure

Conflict can wear you down.

Weighing out what you think, want and wish along with the expectations of others is overwhelming.

Without a map to navigate the murky waters in a relationship, it's easy to get lost and feel worn out.

Fighting matches are inevitable when you have poller opposites holding tightly to what each wants. You can say things, do things that betray you, leaving you feeling guilty and hopeless.

What if you could learn a method that would lead you to freedom from relational pain?

You could get back to doing the things that you have pushed to the sidelines because the time it takes to deal with relationship mess leaves you with little energy for anything else.

When you are running on empty, it's easy to get defensive, ignore the problem, escape with different activities.

You may want to go into a default mode: getting defensive, ignoring the problem, or wanting to escape or run away from the situation altogether.

The problem is that eventually this catches up with you and it impacts your well being and can lead to mental illness or make it worse.

There is a better way.

You can harness a method that helps you make sense of tough situations. It gives you clarity and helps you regain your footing so that you can make decisions.

You can get unstuck and break free from the relational pain that is holding you back.

Join us as we dive in to explore the model we call FACE, which has been so effective that it has even helped people save their marriages.
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